Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics - Research Group Inverse Problems

Short Introduction

Research Interests

  • l¹-regularization
  • Variational regularization theory


    Refereed journal papers

    The linked pdf-files do not necessarily coincide with the article's published version.

    • Philip Miller, Thorsten Hohage. 2021. Maximal Spaces for Approximation Rates in \ell^1-regularization. Numerische Mathematik.
      doi:10.1007/s00211-021-01225-4   download   
    • Miller, Philip. 2021. Variational regularization theory based on image space approximation rates. Inverse Problems 37(6): 065003 (32pp).
      doi:10.1088/1361-6420/abf5bb   download   
    • Thorsten Hohage, Philip Miller. 2019. Optimal convergence rates for sparsity promoting wavelet-regularization in Besov spaces. Inverse Problems.
      doi:10.1088/1361-6420/ab0b15   download   

    Submitted papers


Conferences and Workshops


  • Winter term 2017/2018: Linear Algebra I; tutor

  • Summer term 2017: Linear Algebra II, Mathematics for computer science II; tutor

  • Winter term 2016/2017: Linear Algebra I, Mathematics for computer science I, Mathamatical preparatory class for mathematics; tutor

  • Summer term 2016: Analysis II; tutor

  • Winter term 2015/2016: Analysis I, Revision course for Mathematical Methods of Physics III, Mathamatical and Physical preparatory classes; tutor

  • Summer term 2015: Functional Analysis, Physical preparatory classes; tutor

  • Winter term 2014/2015: Algebra, Physical preparatory classes; tutor