Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics - Research Group Inverse Problems

Short Introduction

Research Interests ´

  • Phase contrast imaging with x-rays
  • Uniqueness and stability of phase reconstructions
  • Tomographic imaging and alignment
  • Numerical reconstruction techniques (iteratively regularized Gauss-Newton methods)


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    • Maretzke, Simon. 2018. Locality estimates for Fresnel-wave-propagation and stability of near-field X-ray propagation imaging with finite detectors. arXiv preprint. arXiv:1805.06185. (submitted to Inverse Problems).
    • Maretzke, Simon. 2018. Generalized SART-Methods for Tomographic Imaging. arXiv preprint. arXiv:1803.04726. (submitted to SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences).
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    • Maretzke, Simon, Bartels, Matthias, Krenkel, Martin, Salditt, Tim, Hohage, Thorsten. 2016. Regularized Newton methods for X-ray phase contrast and general imaging problems. Optics Express 24: 6490-6506.
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    • Maretzke, Simon. 2015. A uniqueness result for propagation-based phase contrast imaging from a single measurement. Inverse Problems 31: IOP Publishing. 065003. (featured in Insights, also available on arXiv).
    • Maretzke, Simon, Hof, Björn, Avila, Marc. 2014. Transient growth in linearly stable Taylor-Couette flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 742: Cambridge Univ Press. 254-290. (featured in Focus on Fluids, also available on arXiv).

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Conferences and Workshops


  • Summer term 2017: Functional Analysis, tutor

  • Summer term 2016: Numerical Mathematics II, tutor

  • Summer term 2015: Functional Analysis, tutor

  • Summer term 2013: Scientific Computing II, tutor

  • Winter term 2012/2013: Analytical Mechanics, tutor

  • Winter term 2011/2012: Mathematical Methods of Physics II, tutor

  • Summer term 2011: Scientific Computing II, tutor