Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics - Research Group Inverse Problems
Yusufu Simayi (Alias Yusup Ismayil)

Institut für Numerische und Angewandte Mathematik
Lotzestraße 16-18
37083 Göttingen

Raum 304
Telefon 0551 39 4510

I am a PhD-student in project B1 of the RTG 2088 "Discovering structure in complex data: Statistics meets Optimization and Inverse Problems" and work in the workgroup Inverse Problems supervised by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hohage.

Research interests

  • Inverse problems and statistical regularization theory

  • Copulas and long-memory

  • Functional analysis in Queueing models

  • Statistics and stochastic processes


  • [1] Y. Ismayil, G. Gupur (2010). Other eigenvalues of the M/M/1 retrial queueing model with special retrial times, "(PDF)"., Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol 58 (3): 315-332.

  • [2] Y. Simayi (2018). Weak convergence of the sequential empirical copula processes under long-range dependence. "(PDF)", (preprint).

Conference and Workshop


  • [1] Y. Simayi and T. Hohage. Optimal convergence rates for variational regularization of inverse problems with Poisson and Bernouli data.